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About the Academy

Welcome to Lewis Harrison’s Natural Healing Academy. We offer an extraordinary  learning experience for extraordinary students. We offer classes offer classes and and programs for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. 
Our classes and programs are offered in two primary tracks: 1. Healing 2. Personal Development. These are offered to general students as well as to health and healing professionals.We also offer a one year course to become a holistic nutritional consultant/holistic health counselor and Life Strategy Adviser (A unique type of Life Coaching).Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Academy’s programs and classes.
If your questions are not answered here call the Academy office at 212-724-8782 and speak with an enrollment counselor.
Make a Living While Making a Difference
Are you ready to transform your mind, body and career with a world-class education that supports you on every level?

Unlike most schools who focus primarily on one area like nutrition or the emotions we offer an integrative program that addresses the whole person.

Our curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in wellness coaching, nutrition, herbs, meditation, stress management, business management, success, and healthy living. As a student, you’ll have an introduction to all of the key theories related to emotional and nutritional, well-being, healing, spiritual growth, human potential and the physical body. You will also learn how to integrate the best of the Eastern based traditions (like yoga, Ayurveda, Chi, Muscle testing Kinesiology)  with cutting edge research so that you can be your best and support you client in doing the same.

At Lewis Harrison’s Natural Healing Academy You Will Not Be Burdened With:

  • Long periods of class room study in areas of study that do not interest you.
  • Tests that focus on the accumulation of information rather than critical thinking
  • A “tunnel vision” approach to healing.
  • A healing model based on the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Instead We Focus On:

  • Combining personalized lessons and distance learning in subjects that are of interest to you
  • Quizzes and conversations with faculty that expand your creativity and critical thinking
  • An expansive, multicultural, multi-disciplinary approach to personal development and healing education.
  • A healing model based on addressing the needs of the whole person.

Our graduates guide individuals interested in personal growth and in developing complete health building programs and show them how to balance their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical qualities.

We value the personal development and total “wellness” of our students.

There are Five Results You Can Expect to Achieve Through our Program:

  1. Having the most enjoyable and comprehensive learning experience imaginable
  2. Making a measurable difference in the lives of others.
  3. Eliminating all the unnecessary struggle from your life and having a true sense of joy.
  4. Having a consistent support network to help you take each step towards your personal and professional goals
  5. Creating your professional niche and, achieving economic independence (Many of our graduates produce between $75,000 and $200,000 a year.)

Study at your Own Pace

All levels of students come to study at the Academy. Some are beginners and some are already health professionals. Where ever you happen to be in your learning process you will feel at home at the Natural Healing Academy. You can pick the payment plan that works for you and take as many lessons as you feel you can handle. And all the while we will be there to support you. We have designed our programs so that you can fulfill your potential and make your dreams a reality.

Whether you are studying Nutrition, Herbs, Chi Balancing/Polarity Therapy, Bodywork/Hands-on-Healing, Integrative Hypnosis, Success and Life Coaching, Transformational Business Building, Professional Speaking or exploring your spiritual path we will be here to empower, motivate, and inspire you. You can take as long as three years if needed or enter our Fast Track program and complete your studies in a year with all your books, lessons, and unlimited coaching and counseling included.

And if professional recognition is what you seek, our students can join the International Association of Healing Professional, a respected trade association and receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that will advance your career.

If all of this “speaks” to you then you owe it to yourself to explore the programs at Lewis Harrison’s Natural Healing Academy


Your investment for the basic on-line personal healing or personal development program begins at $49

Your investment for the basic on-line professional Health and Wellness Coach program or the Personal Development program is $4,954 and can be made in two payments.

Contact Lewis Harrison and take the next step to making a difference.

Call him at 212-724-8782 and begin a journey to knowledge, wisdom, wellness, financial independence and service to the world.

Inquire about our upcoming residential programs.

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