What is the Mind?

    What is the mind? I asked this question in the Make Choices, Not Excuses Seminar I teach and we could not get agreement on a definition from any of the attendees.   The following article explore the question… Continue Reading

 Incomplete Information Strategies in Game Theory

One of the criticisms I often run into when I discuss how much game based thinking and game theory influences how I live my life is this, “Can’t you just live your life in the moment with out being concerned… Continue Reading

Action Methods, Sociometry, Psychodrama and Game Theory

An effective way to explore how we can master the art and science of influence  in game theory is by mastering ourselves is through various action methods. Action Methods is the term used to describe visual and role-based approaches to… Continue Reading

Lewis asks “Do You Have an Authoritative or vs. Permissive Personality?

When exploring power and influence there are two types of personalities. One is known as “Authoritative” and the other “Permissive”. Neither one is superior to the other; they are just different. Though the definitions are not rigid one style will… Continue Reading

The Matrix Movie and Artificial Intelligence

I was recently watching the movie the “Matrix” again recently as I was preparing for my upcoming “Make Choices, Not Excuses – Applied Game Theory  Class”  (July 25 in Stamford NY) and began to wonder if  humans really are in… Continue Reading

What is Lucid Dreaming?

  I’ve been away the last few weeks doing some ruthless introspection exercises.   I do this a few times a year as a tool for expanding myself awareness and tapping into my “untapped potential”.  I learned this as a… Continue Reading

Q & A on Social Networking at a Stress Management and Chair Massage Seminar

Definition: Social Networking – A structured system made of individuals or organizations (nodes) that are for one reason or another interdependent. STUDENT: How old is the concept of social networking?                              … Continue Reading

Ethics, Morality and Legality in Harrison’s Applied Game Theory

In my research into applied game theory I often explore the ideas of visionary thinkers and effective problem solvers. I have learned from them that being an outlaw and being a criminal are not synonymous. Of course as a child… Continue Reading

What is Naive Physics?

Often at our retreat center in the Catskills www.TheCatskillsBedandBreakfast.com we put on seminars on quantum thinking in our self help retreats. We bring in Chair Massage from a Chair Massage Company based in New York City -www.eventschairmassage.com   The extraordinary… Continue Reading

Tips on How to Solve Your Problems?

Often at our Catskills Bed and Breakfast  – www.TheCatskillsBedandBreakfast.com we put on human potential and personal development  retreats. We bring in Onsite Massage from a Chair Massage Company in NYC – www.eventschairmassage.com when we have breakout sessions. This week we offered… Continue Reading