• An Introduction to the Course of Enlightenment


Welcome to the Course of Enlightenment. 
This is an extraordinary course for extraordinary people.
I and my team of teachers and mentors  offer an extraordinary learning experience for extraordinary students. We offer classes offer classes and and programs for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. 
Our classes and programs have been organized by a group of master coaches and mentors at the International Association of Healing Professionals (www.HealingAssociation.com). The learning Course of Enlightenment experience is offered in two “primary tracks”: 1. Healing 2. Personal Development and Transformation. These two primary tracks begun through ten specialized areas know as “Points of Entry”.
The “Points of Entry are:

A. Essentially you pick one of the areas listed below. We call these “Points of Entry”. These feed into nine distinct “Paths”. These Paths are:

  • Holistic Wellness (Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy)
  • Chi Balancing (Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Kundilini, Shakti work)
  • Hands-on-Healing (Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy)
  • Quantum Thought (Sacred Mathematics, Game Theory, Gamification)
  • Influence/Power (Hypnosis, NLP, Visualization, Eriksonian Trancework)
  • Shamanism (Heuristic thinking, Trancework, Cmpassionate Tricksterism)
  • Success and Life Coaching (Business Success, Mentoring Skills)
  • Professional Speaking (Creating Seminars, Workshops and Keynotes
  • Spiritual Work (Zen, The Tao, and other “Paths” of the heart center
  • Transformation and Movement (Cellular memory, emotional release etc.)
The Course of Enlightenment is offered to general students as well as to health and healing professionals.This course is twelve months in length and is customized for each student.
If your questions are not answered here call me  at 212-724-8782.
The Course of Enlightenment was created for an extraordinary type of individual; the individual who wishes to maximize their potential and awareness on every level of their being; this includes, the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

The course is designed specifically for the needs and journey of each individual student. No two course are the same. This is serious work but it should not be take too seriously. In the end it is my hope that you will gain wisdom, spiritual contentment, emotional balance, mental clarity, personal health and be able to make a positive difference in the lives of others and make the world a better place to live for future generations.


This is not a rigid “in the box” program filled with “propriety” secret information. You will be guided to experience all the media and  the work of specific artists and art forms including; dance, music, painting, sculpture, theater, philosophy and more. You will be directed to watch specific talks on-line and to access the work of specific teachers relevant to your journey.


In addition you will have access to thousands of pages of transcripts from Q & A sessions I have held over the last four decades.


Each of these is written to guide you and to help you explore how the defining and clarification of your intention, your personal life vision may lead to what is known in many spiritual traditions as “Enlightenment.”

Clarity of intention is what gives meaning to life. With clarity of intention you have the key through the door in time and space where you may define your vision or life mission and bring it to fruition. At the moment you are ready, willing and able to act on this intention, it comes into being spontaneously without discipline or willpower. I like to describe this as “actualized intention”.  Whatever you can conceive of and which is a natural aspect of what it means to be human will happen to and, for you through actualized intention. All that is required of you is that this intention be manifested every second of your being through thought, word, and deed.

The ideas in the Course of Enlightenment are not new. They are familiar concepts restated sans unnecessary cultural baggage. The Course of Enlightenment is a simple stew of Eastern and Western Wisdom drawn from Platonic thought, physics, game theory and some of the non-ritualized elements within Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Post-modernist thought, the mystic meditative traditions, and shamanism – all injected into the new digitized reality that we live in today. I have supplemented these with a few realizations, gleaned from my forty two years as a teacher,

If you are seeking absolute or universal “Truth” or a Guru, you have come to the wrong place. The thread that weaves through the Course of Enlightenment is the idea that reality is what each person chooses to construct, as his/her mind and inner being explores interactions with other people, places and things. If a person can remain detached from these people, places and things while living though love and compassion he/she will have entered into the realm of the spiritual.  To get more specific this sense of reality can be framed as a spiritual approach that transcends traditional religion. Something I call a “Wisdom Path”

It is my intention in creating the Course of Enlightenment to present ideas and practices that will help you to magnify what is already spiritual within you. In addition I want to help you bring what is authentically spiritual but of which you were previously unaware into your daily life.  As this spiritual component is magnified and embraced you will have the support you need  to assist you in creating a practical order and harmony to the messy chaos that often passes for normal living.

Concerning the spiritual aspect of the work?  The information and guidance offered through the Course on Enlightenment is not meant to be a religious perspective on anything nor an attempt to tell you what your spiritual beliefs ought to be.  The concept of Wisdom is generally misunderstood by those who are drawn to the dogmatic and rigid aspects of religious thought. What I like to call the “Wisdom Path” does not conflict with religion at all. In fact it is a Practice that can enrich your authentic connection to a formal faith. Here we will explore the sacred, the divine, love and spirituality and wishes to do so free of the chains of formal religion. When I speak of formal religion I refer to the rites, rituals, ceremonies, dogma, holy books, the clergy and any of the other accoutrements and trappings of so-called spiritual practice where one person or an organization tells another person what is or is not spiritual.

No matter what your beliefs, the ideas and practices presented here can be invaluable in helping you to create a grounded sense of spirituality in your life.

In a life defined by a hunger for spiritual knowledge I have spent the last forty-two years seeking out and studying with many great teachers.  With their support and guidance I have explored the writings and lives of important visionary thinkers. I have listed a few of their names below so that you may know of them as I introduce you to the Wisdom Path. They have been important in my explorations, introspection, and personal development.  The ideas, writings, lives, and teachings of these men and women, when studied through self-reflection and meditation, has helped me create a fulfilling life of spiritual intention, emotional balance, great friendships, love, kindness, compassion and the greater fulfillment of my potential each day.


My greatest influences include:

The Baal Shem Tov, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Alan Turing, M.C. Escher, Meister Echhart, Vincent Collura, Ram Das, Helen and Scott Nearing, the Beas Gurus, Daniel J. Weiner PH.D, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Sun Tzu, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Moshe Feldenkrais, Varian Mackey Fry, Shunryu Suzuki, René François Ghislain Magritte, Rumi, Milton Erickson M.D., David T. Dellinger, Pete Seeger, Betty Dodson, Joseph Campbell, M.C. Escher, Kurt Gödel, Thomas Merton, Alan Watts, Richard Feynman, Howard Earl Gardner, Virginia Satir, Thomas Merton, John von Neumann, Abraham Joshua Heschel,Christopher Alexander, Harvey L. Slatin, Richard Buckminster Fuller and Nelson Mandela.


You will have the opportunity to explore the lives and the work of these individuals throughout the Course.


So if your hunger is great enough and you are ready willing and able to act on this hunger then e-mail me at:



I will answer all of your questions.


Best wishes and with Love and Light to You,


Lewis Harrison

Here is more information about the Course and how it can be applied to your life:
Make a Living While Making a Difference: 
Are you ready to transform your mind, body and career with a world-class education that supports you on every level?
Unlike most schools who focus primarily on one area like nutrition or the emotions we offer an integrative program that addresses the whole person.
Our curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in wellness coaching, nutrition, herbs, meditation, stress management, business management, success, and healthy living. As a student, you’ll have an introduction to all of the key theories related to emotional and nutritional, well-being, healing, spiritual growth, human potential and the physical body. You will also learn how to integrate the best of the Eastern based traditions (like yoga, Ayurveda, Chi, Muscle testing Kinesiology)  with cutting edge research so that you can be your best and support you client in doing the same.
In our programs  You Will Not Be Burdened With:
  • A “tunnel vision” approach to spirituality, healing and personal growth.
  • Tests that focus on the accumulation of information rather than critical thinking.
  • Long periods of class room study in areas that do not interest you.
Instead We Focus on: 

  • A “tunnel vision” approach to spirituality, healing and personal growth.
  • Combining personalized lessons and distance learning in subjects that are of interest to you.
  • Quizzes and conversations with faculty that expand your creativity and critical thinking
  • An expansive, multicultural, multi-disciplinary approach to personal development and healing education.
  • A healing model based on addressing the needs of the whole person

There are Five Results You Can Expect to Achieve Through our Program:

  1. Having the most enjoyable and comprehensive learning experience imaginable
  2. Making a measurable difference in the lives of others.
  3. Eliminating all the unnecessary struggle from your life and having a true sense of joy.
  4. Having a consistent support network to help you take each step towards your personal and professional goals
  5. Creating your professional niche and, achieving economic independence (Many of our graduates produce between $75,000 and $200,000 a year.)

Study at your Own Pace

All levels of students come to study at the Academy. Some are beginners and some are already health professionals. Where ever you happen to be in your learning process you will feel at home at the Natural Healing Academy. You can pick the payment plan that works for you and take as many lessons as you feel you can handle. And all the while we will be there to support you. We have designed our programs so that you can fulfill your potential and make your dreams a reality.

Whether you are studying Chi Balancing, Transformational Business Building, Hand-on Healing, Professional Speaking or exploring your spiritual path we will be here to empower, motivate, and inspire you. You can take as long as three years if needed or enter our Fast Track program and complete your studies in a year with all your books, lessons, and unlimited coaching and counseling included.

And if professional recognition is what you seek, our students can join the International Association of Healing Professional, a respected trade association and receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that will advance your career.

If all of this “speaks” to you then you owe it to yourself to explore the Course of Enlightenment


The  Course of Enlightenment is your for a one time payment of  $4,997 or in two payment of $2, 997 each. 

Contact me  and take the next step to making a difference.

Call me at 212-724-8782 and begin a journey to knowledge, wisdom, wellness, financial independence and service to the world.