What is Zen?

Zen is a practice that deals with the concept of enlightenment through intuition during meditation, and the application of all this in daily life.   Zen defies definition. It is a philosophy of non-philosophy, an intellectually guided practice of anti-intellectualism,… Continue Reading

What is the Law of Attraction?

I often write about the   Law of Attraction and the Taoist concept of Wu wei – The action that has no action. a friend asked me   to give an example of its application and also of the history of the… Continue Reading

Who was the Musician known as “Moon Dog”?

In order to grow in life it is invaluable to study the lives of those who have come before us. One of the daily exercises described in my book “Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times” is picking a… Continue Reading

Carlos Castenada – Genius or Trickster Shaman?

  One of the many books I am presently writing is called “The Trickster Code for Creating as Functional Reality”. It won’t be done for a while but every day I work on it is a joy.   Gerniuses, wacko’s, … Continue Reading

Wu Wei, The Law of Attraction and Taoist Thought

The most sophisticated problem solvers understand that often the use of intention expressed through thought and word can manifest specific solutions without the necessity of great physical action or complex thought.   A common description of this idea is known… Continue Reading