Different  Types of Game Theory  

    I was recently speaking at a stress management conference about chair massage -wwweventschairmassage.com – game based thinking and reducing stress.   Someone asked me “How many types of game theory are there? There are actually many. Here are… Continue Reading

What is Capitalism?

Capitalism is the exchange of something of value for something of greater value for profit. The word “capitalism” comes from “capital”, meaning something of value. This thing of value can be money (“financial capital”) power, influence, good will, goods and services that… Continue Reading

What Makes a Person Change Their Mind?

Question: What makes people change their minds when they were previously dogmatic about their opinion? Answer: In game theory and Harrison Applied Game Based Thinking there are many factors.   This answer can be found in Volume 11 in the series… Continue Reading

What is Emotional Baggage?

Part of  being wise in Applied game Based Thinking is the exploration of “emotional holding patterns” or EHPs. These patterns are known by many different names and terms in different traditions and domains of thought. These EHPs are neither good… Continue Reading

Tipping Points, the Butterfly Effect and Black Swan Theory

In my work in game based thinking and the creation of strategies for winning at the game of life I often speak of ideas related to cause and effect – Black Swans, Karma, Critical Mass, Tipping Points, Ripple Effect, Butterfly… Continue Reading

Game Based Thinking, Game Theory and Creating Strategic Scenarios

  Often game based thinkers and strategists explore what I call “What would happen ifs…” This is where you create an unusual scenario just to see how things “pan out” when you bring many variable together. It’s a bit of… Continue Reading

Game Theory and the Chinese Board Game “Go”

  One way to become skilled in game theory is board games, combination puzzles and certain card games. These include chess, Rubic’s cube, Sudoku, Go and Poker. For those seeking to become skilled at dealing with complex scenarios there is… Continue Reading

Who is Temple Grandin and Why is She an Autism Pioneer

  Some of us can achieve great things in spite of the challenges.   I have always been amused by the idea of diagnosing people as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s  Syndrome, and Autism and Autism Spectrum. Some people ate just extraordinary… Continue Reading