“Truthiness”, Lies and What is Truth?

Ask Lewis: What is Truth? Lewis Answers: This is a complex question.   As I have been researching and writing about influence and psychological manipulation I came across the word “truthiness’”.   I had not thought about this word for… Continue Reading

Meme’s, RTPs and Brainwashing

  Ask Lewis: Could I be memed or brainwashed and not even know it?   My answer “More than you can imagine”. Let’s explore subconscious, toxic and unproductive cultural influences and how they affect us. Like some physical viruses there… Continue Reading

How to Make Wise Decisions?

Solving a problem means that one must make effective choices. In order to do this one needs to explore why and how people make certain decisions and once this is understood to create applicable models for making more effective decisions.… Continue Reading

Game Theory, A Tree Structure, and Problem Solving

Lewis shows you How to Organize a Billion Pieces of Data   This article is from my book “Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory: Solving Problems Through orderly Chaos” .   Game Theory is the perfect tool for solving complex or… Continue Reading

Taoism, Zen and the Basics of Game Theory

Much of what goes on in my head is divided between two ways of thinking.  On one side is a Zen-Taoist – shamanic mind dance based on being in the moment, surrendering the need to control what goes on around… Continue Reading

What is Effective Communication and Specialized Language in Game Theory?

    When you are having a conversation or an exploration of an idea or a difference in ideas or beliefs it is essential that you have the best dictionary on hand and if necessary a linguistics dictionary.  I recently… Continue Reading

How to Find Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment Through Art

In my studies in Zen, Taoism and the mythological research of Joseph Campbell I have always been drawn to the transformational power of Art.   Art is something that confers particularly appealing or aesthetically pleasing structures, activities, creations, environments, expressions… Continue Reading

Bayesian Inference in Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory

What is rational is not always logical. It is often said that a skilled statistician can manipulate statistics to appear to support one conclusion rather than another. One way of reducing the potential of this happening is through what is… Continue Reading

Taoism and the Meaning of “Heaven and Earth”

I am presently editing my recently completed book on Taoism, “The Mystic Teaching of the Taost Masters”. This has been a forty two long labor of love. I would have finished earlier but I needed to understand more than I… Continue Reading